17 Responses to Check them boyz from Baltimore

  1. Got alot of text messages today about this video cant wait for the responses.

  2. Avatar Murder Nova
    Murder Nova says:

    ahhhh thats so nice,
    I remember when i used to play with toys wayyyyyyyyyy back

  3. Avatar Murder Nova
    Murder Nova says:

    little boys with little toys careful don`t hurt yourself.

  4. Avatar Murder Nova
    Murder Nova says:

    monster trucks huh !

    sorry we don`t run off road
    hint hint b4 you call someone out at least put so slicks on the dam thing

  5. park racing lol how about an east coast challenge lets see FBF is open to shout outs don’t forget your slicks Is the squirrel you’re flag man

  6. First off let me say …These comments are coming from New York Brooklyn large scale drag racing club …..since you guys Think you own the fastest rc cars on the east coast …and we KNOW we own the fastest cars on the east coast …..come down to our track and let’s have a good day of racing …but to give you fair warning ….we DRAG RACE…..we don’t race in dirt ..no electric cars and we race from a dead stop to 330 ft mark…..HEAD UP ONLY no hands dropping …Our club has a drag tree and permit to race and a prepped track ….Our season starts in april….from what I’ve seen you’ll need time to build the appropriate cars to race us….we don’t do fg trucks ….I saw a few hpi baja ….I can say we own the fastest hpi baja PERIOD ……let’s not do too much talking and let’s set up a race day ….you guys contact nitrostreets.com and bring your team and best cars ……

  7. That challenge goes out to whom ever wants to accept. …don’t matter what state ….we don’t race on side blocks or parking lots …..we got a track come down and let’s race …..

  8. Avatar Murder Nova
    Murder Nova says:

    i just checked out the race where you guys were running on what looks like an entrance to a highway.
    That looks like a good place to hold a race.
    is that ramp closed? and are you allowed to run their without any problems with the police?, would we be able to set up our system.
    if so we would be willing to bring our set up and run you guys at home.

  9. Avatar Murder Nova
    Murder Nova says:

    leave your guns at home.

  10. Avatar antoinestreat
    antoinestreat says:

    well i guess i got to speak up for my baltimore people there not really into the computer thing lol just having fun but we run over 1200ft on a hwy so 330ft seems a lil short checkout some of our other videos

  11. Avatar antoinestreat
    antoinestreat says:

    murda nova yes its a closed hwy by ravens stadium and we run there every sunday and poice are cool they sit and watch some times its just clean fun one of the few places in bmore were a group can gather and just have fun. but that sounds like a good idea if you guys can come down that would be a great video!!

  12. Thanks for responding …so do you think your boys will want to race our boys .?? Well to race 1200 ft makes no sense especially if the cars are 2 speed only but to each is own…..talk to your guys and keep us posted ….

  13. If you viewed some of our videos we use a drag race tree set up ….it’s set up for 330 ft ……it tells mph….e.t and reaction time…..it shows the cars performance as well as the drivers performance due to his reaction time…..we really don’t do flag races so if you guys don’t have a place to set up our tree ……come down to n.y for a good day of racing …..Also you see the type of cars we race check your boys to see if they want to race our dragsters with there trucks that might be a issue but if Baltimore makes claims they got the fastest cars on the east coast …Our dragsters shouldn’t even be a threat …..like i said season for us starts April …let us no

  14. Avatar antoinestreat
    antoinestreat says:

    sounds good that gives us time to break out the fg’s lol

  15. cool also Practice on ur A game …

  16. Nice …so let’s get this n.y vs Baltimore race together

  17. Avatar farmtruckkev
    farmtruckkev says:

    they have some nice toys to play in this snow with lol